Velox is built for transport

We integrate data and automate business

Take control of your business data.  Answer your customers “Yes we can do that!”.  Velox understands the value of data flowing freely across your enterprise applications, business systems, and trading partners.  Our technology platform connects your internal systems and your trading partners to improve productivity and increase profits.

Data Integration Engine

Unlimited data sharing across business systems

Being in business means constant change and taking advantage of new technologies to stay competitive.

Velox integrates your on-premise and cloud applications to unify and synchronise data across your business, and between your trading partners.

Velox is the engine that connects your data and enables you to say “Yes we can do that!” to your customers.

Join disparate systems so customers can gain visibility of your shipment data.

Shipment Manager cloud

Unify and manage consignments for every trading partner

Connect with customers and automate your business processes for consignments, shipping updates, and POD.  Use Velox for a single view of all your consignments so you can exchange, verify, and enrich shipment data.  If your customer is asking for EDI, Velox can make it happen swift and simple so you can say “Yes we can do that!”

Deploy a web-based portal to enable your customers to easily book consignments and gain visibility of the shipping process.

Reduce double-entry and keying mistakes and use powerful rules to validate your consignments with no human interaction. Get consignment data early so you can better plan deliveries and truck utilisation.

A Velox system frees you from manual processing to improve accuracy and unlock the potential of digital operations.