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EDI and Data Integration is a specialised area, and our team comprises the people that have been driving this industry in New Zealand for the last 20 years.

Our founder originally started Flow Software Limited in 2003 and developed their 32-bit software product for EDI and Integration.  After leaving Flow Software in 2015 (and retaining shared copyright ownership of the 2006 software code with Flow Software Limited), he is back with an experienced team to deliver the new Velox 64-bit EDI and Integration solution.  Velox is a future-ready integration and EDI product to take you forward.

Today we offer the latest EDI and Integration technology, and provide experienced project/support services for our own products as well as existing systems.  Let us help you transition into a future-ready integration platform.

Support for existing systems

We can support your existing systems or help you transition into our future-ready integration platform.  Reduce project deployment and support costs, and improve the reliability of your current EDI / Integration platform.




We practice what we preach! Our processes are optimised so we can deliver projects and support swift and simple.

New projects?

Get ready to deploy a future-ready data platform

When you have new requirements get in touch with us for a competitive quote.  We are so confident our services will surpass your expectations that we offer you a quoted price, no deposit, payment only on successful/on-time completion.  Can your current provider do the same?

We can help you prepare for a transition into the latest technology suitable for the future Microsoft Windows computers which are ending 32-bit support.

Let us show you the potential of EDI and Integration.  We’re excited to work with you!

Future-proof your business

Stuck in a 32-bit world? Gain the advantage of modern platforms

Cloud native and on premise software

EDI and Integration for all

Reduce delivery and support costs

Existing EDI and data integration systems are expensive to deploy, and more expensive to run!

Our Velox platform is swift and simple.  Standardised connections built with 20 years industry experience means less bespoke code which is costing you profit to support.  Our cloud-native architecture gives you options on how to run your business.